The files are available for dl. But you need to follow me a bit. I have created a Tumblr blog/site where you can dl the rhino/GH files from. It is called bricksource. Please send me your stuff or just an excel data sheet! (which I can turn to a 3d model for u) (@sstudiomm@gmail) if used the method or the files so I can upload them to the site. If you model a surface in rhino and use the GH file you will have a wall , the stencils, the paper molds, and an excel file. If you share your files or a screenshot of the patterns you make and your excel files we will be able to grow an on-line database of parametric brickwork. If you don’t help I will keep adding from time to time (so check the website out sometimes). However, if we can use crowd-sourcing we may be able to develop a fantastic online database of our work for public free use. Thus people can go to bricksource get an excel file, print or make the stencils, and make their own parametric walls easily. The GH file may look quite funny.

And let’s make an online gallery of the work @  – although it sounds like studio moon, and that’s nice, it has another meaning too. Besides sounding like ßtudio MM, studiom means my studio in Farsi, and studiomoon means our studio. I have my own gallery @

Please help, Let’s *uc*in* hate normal walls around us, they have been around for too long


“A literal rendering of the syntax casts the reproduction of meaning entirely to the winds and threatens to lead directly to incomprehensibility.” Walter Benjamin

In this post I am going to give you couple of things: A DIY of making the Stencil of power at home, A PDF ready made version of it ready for printing for 20x10x5 (cm) bricks, the description for the technically curious, and the last are all the files for free dl.

Let’s get to it. (these are all for an X mark encircled in a 2mx2m square)

 Just as a tangent touches a circle lightly and at but one point-establishing, with this touch rather than with the point, the law according to which it is to continue on its straight path to infinity-a translation touches the original lightly and only at the infinitely small point of the sense, thereupon pursuing its own course according to the laws of fidelity in the freedom of linguistic flux.” Walter Benjamin


First I was thinking of a device, with moving parts, but then deja vu helped. During the construction, the marked part of the photo which no attention had been paid to! came along. It was blocking our fancy aluminum stencils, and that old look shows better why it was invisible to us. So we simply draw the outline and cut a couple of stencils from pieces of wood from old used doors. From this perspective, an outline is needed and a piece of wood. To find the outline we need to take a closer look to the process or in other words manually repeat what has been done in the GH file, this explains how the precision is abused:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

here is the PDF for dl.

Here is my wall. The wall is made based on the rotation of the bricks of a normal wall around the shared center-line of bricks in a column. But a normal wall with 1 cm vertical bonds cannot be used for this purpose as there is not enough room for the bricks to rotate. Thus I started to play with the parameters and the vertical bonds were increased to 2.55 cm with 22.55 center to center distance between the bricks.This was the smallest number that was providing no intersections and some extra room. We may say the precision becomes zero here. And using the floor of the rotation angels gave the idea of negative precision.

(the horizontal bonds also were increased during the construction for which I did not update the model, so the shapes are a bit stretched vertically, which was not found very visible with the bare eye.)

Now we get to the new part, the Stencil of power. There is one more thing I have done which should take place before manually making the stencils, MORE ROUNDING. LET’s see what’s waiting for us on the dark side.

FROMEXCELTO.jpgand luckily with TT TOOLBOX’s excel components, it is very simple to paste the address of an excel file and have a parametric wall, the stencils etc ready.


here is the PDF for dl.



IF we sort out the result nicely, the result is a group of 1:1 scale paper stencils ready for printing.

here is the PDF ready for printing.

Now we get to the final part and also the interesting part, A DIY to make stencils at home, and design your own wall with excel or on a piece of paper:

here is the PDF for dl.



Please help. A large percent of building industry functions maybe in developing countries almost independent of architects in a way. A wide range of builders DIY-ers to bank owners build and sadly or not, they all tend to sketch. And they build where most of the people live in. Introducing simple to use tools may be a way to help to change the look of the houses of the crowd.

Is architecture to serve the rich? 10 percent? I don’t like to start a new career in pistachio industry, and am not a great fan of 10 percent and yet look for a client. The client who is growing in shit holes. Maybe it is in developing countries that architecture is becoming a luxury or has become a long time ago. Exclusive, luxurious architecture may be equal to no architecture, and it seems like where Digital is standing in building industry.

As development is undergoing everybody will somehow meet an architect or sort of an architect in Iran as everybody is somehow engaged. But ordinary people may never meet an architect who knows what she/he does. Here there are small architecture offices especially in suburbs that grow close to municipality buildings here and there. They sell typical plans that are somehow validated beforehand or need much less time for validation. As the development is undergoing a large group are involved and they do not have time to wait for a new or weird structure to get validated. So it becomes very scary when you imagine a group of builders buying plans like shirts and building a city. And it gets much scarier when suddenly they pick up the ***** ugliest stone on earth as a trend. A light  brown shit is (and has been for more than  10 years) the current **** trend in the background of kind of desert and soil. [Now bricks are picking up  very slowly or maybe not because they say or think bricks take more time (this “They” mostly may refer to the mainstream methods, traditions or fashions.) The problem is it may take 15 days longer for the people who are always two years behind the schedule but yet what is assumed to be faster is picked, fake aura or bubble or whatever.] These people are being flattened with the desert in suburbs. But no worries they are immigrants from smaller cities to the capital or not very rich, Relax.

These offices may sometimes be owned by municipality employees that can help people get done faster.  GOOD PEOPLE. But I am free to call what they (build) BUILDSHIT, as I have lived all my life in them and am still writing from such a shit hole. I may change the whole look of the place but I cannot even touch it, the wind comes from the door lock holes.

A brick wall that its third dimension is or was a robotic luxury makes me think of every third dimension as a luxurious product.  As a  kid, I had to play sega 2d games in our street’s games-center as I did not have enough money for sony playstation1 as it was a new device back then. Now I see people’s lives are becoming 2d in sick suburbs or not rich areas (I live in rather a decent middle-class area which is neither luxurious nor in suburbs and still shit).  And as architecture has laid dying people are living a very sad life in very sad environments.

I knew a successful truck driver, as he had turned his truck to two and a piece of land then two and he was building a 600 units kind of tower when I met him 5 years ago in a suburb of Tehran. He had gone to MeCCa so he was called a “HAJI”, There are so many hajis here deciding for people’s lives -FFS- while architecture is having a walk in fake shit fancy neighborhoods of Tehran.

New tools may not be the best way, they may be the only way to reach hajis, we have no other place to run to from the shit that is surrounding us except the old games-center. And I believe this is not a problem specific to suburbs of my city.

© sstudiomm 2016

all photos and drawings © sstudiomm 2016



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