THE Stencil KIT’s NEXT STEP is to move //////////// ONE STENCIL TO RULE THEM ALL

The next STEP is making these stencils move. I Imagine ONE STENCIL TO RULE THEM ALL, all stencils and all parametric walls. This obviously needs some modifiable jigs to hold bricks. By modifying the angels and a certain degree of leniency and rounding this becomes a possible project. This way, we can greatly work toward getting rid of the robots that make brick walls in order to avoid submarines that carry waste. I can see the point of the robots, but digital in building industry really needs to serve a much greater number of people.
I have some ideas and sketches but no money. I imagine a total of 50 k to be persuaded to work on the next step, as I have already had enough of them.
And as nobody paid for the extra work in the last job I imagine a total of 50 k to put my project’s stencils + 10 more kits for  download, if you are an architect you don’t need such a thing and can enjoy the DIY.
Feel free to think of this project as yours and develop your own one kit, please, I care about making all the bricks in the world hang out more so we can see what great guys they are in a possible for everyone manner.  Another problem  would be the stencils for curved walls.
For BUILDERS who wish a parametric wall, The stencil kit is on sale next door.
Please Email me and tell me you are going to give me money :D,
Just like kickstarter, I may post it there, support please.

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